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Visual identity and website

Cxense is a Norwegian technology company operating globally. They develop and sell SAAS (Software as a service) to media companies within the digital realm. Cxense contributes both editorially and commercially, by utilizing Big Data and consumer behaviour for larger web based newspapers, magazines and web portals around the world. Cxense used Rayon for developing its brand identity and website for their international release. The logo symbol expresses the inner magic and power,"The Magic Box", that Cxense technology represents. The responsive website both demonstrates, and itself takes advantage of, the possibilities behind the company's software for consumer behaviour based publishing.

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Restaurant Palmen – Grand Hotel

Visual identity and campaign

The historical and famous Palmen restaurant, opened in Grand Hotel in 1913, has been through a comprehensive upgrade of both its interior, menus and visual identity. Rayon is lucky to have Grand Hotel as a returning client, and developed the visual identity and launch campaign for Palmen for the 100 year anniversary in 2013. The identity was inspired by the period furniture, which has a stylized and classic look. The tight graphic symbol was inspired by the characteristic and unique roof which is a key identifier of the restaurant.


Telenor Servicesenter

Concept and environmental design

Rayon has previously designed a concept store for the Telenor stores, and was engaged in developing a concept, including interior design and brand experience, for their new service centre. The first centre opened in Strømmen Storsenter, with an exciting store layout and location. Combining brand exposure with detailed lighting, integrated surfaces for communication and interior decorations, makes it a physical brand experience, much more than just a storefront.


Påske + Pasjon

Visual identity, website and campaign

Påske+Pasjon, backed by the diocesan chancery of Oslo, has since 2011 served as a portal for cultural events. It has hosted vast amount of cultural events, ranging from concerts and performances to exhibitions and tours in Oslo and Akershus. Over one hundred cultural events have been collected in the 64-page program they publish. Rayon developed a consistent and comprehensive design that is dynamic and adaptable for future editions. In addition to the identity, we made marketing material for social and news media, posters, booklet and a collection of poems.

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